Embassy Corp. has a long, successful history in satisfying a wide range of automotive-related markets. Innovation along with efficiency and quality have been and continue to lead our reputation at Embassy. Modern solutions, high engineering and manufacturing standards, satisfied customers are always our goals. Take a closer look at an Embassy vehicle and you’ll notice the difference.

Our Innovative Business Model

A workforce with high integrity and talent, along with state-of-the-art facilities help set Embassy apart. Our rich history of quality design, utilizing the latest in manufacturing technology and tools, and a clean working environment all contribute to meticulously crafted vehicles.

A Brief Look Back
at Our History

The founders of Embassy Corp. have over 200 years of combined experience in top-tier automotive and OEM collaboration. If you need a professional vehicle solution, we’re here to serve.


We are proud to introduce you to the Element Shuttle Bus by Embassy. Designed and specifically built to withstand and thrive in the harsh elements that modern shuttle buses are exposed to every day, the Element Bus composite design will ensure a long life and a dramatic reduction of typical bus maintenance.

Recreational Vehicles

In order to stand out you have to set yourself apart in a way that truly makes difference. At Embassy we’ve completely rethought how Class B vehicles are designed, built and used. We believe that once you’ve discovered our advantages and compared our vehicles to the competition you’ll be ready to buy an Embassy.

Specialty Vehicles

Innovation is what drives Embassy Specialty vehicles forward. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve every part of our process to achieve our goal of building the best vehicles in the industry. Whether it’s choosing state-of-the-art marine-grade composites or using pultrusion fiberglass framework for our Fortress body, our passion for excellence is expressed in every choice we make.

Truck Bodies

Dry freight delivery trucks are unique because of our all-composite bodies. These work trucks are built for the future. The benefits of all composite (no wood or metal in wall/roof construction) are numerous. Choose FeatherRock for modern design.

Mobile Hospitality

By using only the best quality materials, our kitchens have the strength and durability to handle everything you can dish out for years to come. Our experienced, expert builders make sure those ingredients come together with precision fit and finish. And our executive chef, with 35 years in the food service industry, makes sure that our innovative designs, floorplans and equipment selection will serve you with the utmost in efficiency and functionality.

Fiberglass Walls, Ceilings & Doors

The Fortress™ body by Embassy® is the sure foundation of our vehicle line. Made with a super-strong yet ultra-light pultrusion fiberglass framework, the Embassy Fortress body provides a larger, more expansive space for customization that will exceed all your expectations.

Recreational Vehicles

Specialty Vehicles







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