The founding members of Embassy had a vision for this company from day one. These entrepreneurs honed their vision after decades of success in the wide field of automotive, specialty and recreational vehicles. As a partner with many of the largest vehicle producers in North America, including the Big Three auto producers in Detroit, they knew an organization built on a strong foundation of modern composites and cutting-edge innovation, yet nimble and flexible enough to thrive in the 21st century business world, could lead the next evolution of specialty, recreational, commercial delivery, and transportation vehicles.


Our materials team has an average of 25 years of experience in material management in the RV, Bus and Specialty Vehicle markets. They have built incredible relationships during their careers that allow a company of Embassy’s size to acquire materials with the same or better value as much larger companies and reduce strategic lead times.

Product Development

Our product development team is one of the strongest in our industry. Our composites leader has been using modern composite construction for over 35 years, long before composites became the “next” material to build with. He and his team have built products for Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Microsoft, The Salvation Army, Lockheed-Martin, to name a few. We have 34 years of expertise in Mobile Surgical vehicles and have created an industry that didn’t exist in 1990. On the RV side, the team leader and our experience date back to the first van, built in 1982, and shortly after came his first commercial vehicle in 1984. The Mobile Hospitality and Disaster Relief development team is lead by a former chef who is using his previous food service experience to elevate Embassy’s mobile hospitality offerings. All of the development processes are run through the engineering arm of Embassy, led by a bright engineer who graduated from Purdue University and worked with several key vehicle companies prior to joining our organization.

Operational Management

Our managers are carefully selected to combine their operational experience with the vision of Embassy Corp. Our Operations Manager has 17 years of senior leadership honed at one of the largest transportation companies in the marketplace. Superior quality, modern efficiency and production organization are the backbone of our assembly, and he uses those tools to lead a talented team of assemblers through the various products we build. The tenant continues through our line leaders (15 years) and our assemblers who have been selected to bring a strong platform of experience to our team (7 years average experience each).