Fortress Composite Bodies

Fully composite structures to use in multiple applications including vehicles, components, building structures, disaster products. The materials and techniques provide structures that are very strong, lightweight, and are impervious to the normal abuse that most materials face with moisture, rust, rotting, mold and warping.

Composite Pultrusion Wall Technology

Fortress uses proprietary developed composite pultrusions in its construction process. No wood. And in comparison to metal and aluminum, pultrusions are much more lightweight (75% more lightweight than steel and 30% more lightweight than aluminum), which can make a tremendous difference in many industries including transportation, aerospace, sporting equipment and many others.

One Door All-Composite Delivery Truck Innovation

ONE DOOR™ is a one-piece, thick composite providing smoother sides (both sides), better seal (less dust, debris inside), and a hard door surface that won’t easily dent. Repairs are simple. ONE DOOR has been tested to hold up to hundreds or thousands of uses. It is revolutionary for daily dry freight truck delivery vehicles!

Off-Grid Power Innovation

The future of commercial vehicles is NO GENERATOR. Embassy leads the way with our 1600ah Green Gen Power™ lithium batteries and inverter system. Embassy commercial vehicles equipped with a Green Gen Power battery bank, come with a second alternator for engine charging while idling or driving. Optionally you can charge the batteries with a cord if there is power nearby. While running an air conditioner, dust collector, buffer motor and lighting, the Green Gen Power battery bank will go for 15 hours. With your engine at idle, it will run for an incredible 32 hours!

Mobile Surgical Laboratories

Embassy specializes in producing amazing vehicles for the medical instrument services industries. Our direct involvement with partners in these markets help us to create superior vehicles that meet every specific need unique to their operation and success. Critical, finished interiors of mobile products is a specialty at Embassy.

And Many More Leading-Edge Innovations